The Mobile Revolution

by Jiyan • February 26, 2012

In one of the more hyperbolic statements I’ve seen in a while, TechRepublic Editor in Chief Jason Hiner writes, “Re-think everything for mobile or you’re toast.” In case that didn’t quite make the point, TechRepublic conveniently prefaces the article with the takeaway that “Mobile devices are about to dwarf computers and the mobile web will […]

The impact of multimedia on news consumption

by Jiyan • April 21, 2010

Because it contains research drawn from our PRWeb user base, I’ve posted part #2 of my presentation on how multimedia is impacting the newsphere to the official PRWeb blog.  In part #2, I take a closer look at perspectives of journalists and bloggers on multimedia news releases as well as some metrics showing how multimedia […]

The increasing presence of multimedia in the newsphere

by Jiyan • April 15, 2010

Next Friday, I’m going to be presenting at Newcomm Forum on how the newsphere has evolved from being primarily text-based into one that is multimedia. Over the next week I’ll be sharing various pieces of the presentation. The first piece is a brief deck that shows how feature story has evolved over the years […]

More social media predictions for 2008

by Jiyan • February 2, 2008

About a week ago I shared my general vision on where I see the social media space moving in 2008. This week, I’m going to dig a bit deeper and lay out some initial thoughts on where the different forms of social media are headed in the upcoming year. I know there are a lot […]

Social media outlook for 2008

by Jiyan • January 22, 2008

Social media was one of the big stories in 2007, particularly in the marketing and PR space. Large companies and agencies continued to explore opportunities in emerging channels, meeting with mixed results, Forrester predicted that spending on social media will grow to $6.9 billion over the next five years, a number surpassing their projects for […]