Brian Solis has authored an op/ed aimed at redefining “how startups (not solely tech companies) view and define early adopters and the ‘echo chamber’ in order to gain momentum in order to ‘cross the chasm’ to the next tier of evolution, adoption, and monetization.”

Reading through the article I couldn’t help but reflect on the value PRWeb has gained from having a tremendous circle of early adopters to lean on for feedback, creativity, and spreading the gospel far and wide.

One of our biggest drivers of new customer acquisition has always been and continues to be word-of-mouth.  When you consider the volume of customers we are working with on a daily basis it is just amazing how much actual value we have derived from creating solid relationships with industry influentials.

Anyway, getting back to Brian’s article, it is a great read for anyone in the start-up industry particularly in light of the recent economic trends.