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Why construction needs a three-sided marketplace

by jiyanwei • February 25, 2020

The BuildZoom platform can be thought of as a flywheel with three main components. Data – This is the foundation of the platform and includes the data pipeline and core information architecture. Marketplace – The host of systems aimed at improving efficiency within the marketplace; including the matching algorithm, methods through which we abstract relevant […]

How BuildZoom data can inform real estate investment decisions

by jiyanwei • February 13, 2018

My family owns an SFR in a really incredible neighborhood of Bethesda, MD, built in the early 50s. We’ve been trying to determine whether to renovate or rebuild. There have been a lot of rebuilds taking place in the neighborhood over the past decade or so and to get a better sense for the ROI […]

Collection Agency 2.0

by jiyanwei • January 26, 2018

Problem Collection Agencies suck. They typically are aggressive and annoying and use a brute force approach to things. Skeptical they are using data or technology to create a more elegant, user-centered approach to the situation. Solution If a consumer or business has an outstanding debt that goes to a collection agency, it comes with a […]

José Cisneros is forcing San Francisco companies to release their private user data

by jiyanwei • November 1, 2017

December 12, 2017 Towards the end of November, we were contacted by Ms. Theresa Buckley, another attorney from the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector, who wanted to have more of an informational chat about their request. She had recently joined Cisneros’ office after spending time in the private sector. Her demeanor was empathetic […]

Culture matters

by jiyanwei • September 9, 2017

When Dave and I started BuildZoom, my perspective on Culture was that it was an abstraction that executives at Fortune 500 companies mull over in order to justify their existences’; I was interested in things like conversion rates, user acquisition, and revenue. After Y Combinator, we raised a small seed round and expanded from two […]