Different approaches to handling queries of different entity types

by jiyanwei • July 29, 2013

One of the ux challenges we are currently facing is how to help users search for different types of content.  There are a few specific considerations: How do we accommodate queries for 3-4 different entity types while keeping the ux relatively simple. How do we help users who run a query for one entity type […]

How different applications influence the marketing wheel

by Jiyan • November 12, 2012

Last week, I discussed the application of the marketing wheel, a conceptual framework that could be used to consider the consumer experience. This week, I’m going to use the wheel to contextualize contemporary marketing applications. I see things generally breaking down like this: The point is that different marketing applications help the wheel at different […]

What is inbound marketing? Just a sexier version of SEO?

by Jiyan • November 9, 2012

Forbes recently reported that the Cambridge-based SaaS company HubSpot has completed a $35 million round, bringing their fundraising total to an impressive $100 million. HubSpot’s founder Brian Halligan is credited with coining the term “inbound marketing,” which seems to have gained relatively widespread adoption (at least within the marketing sector). According to Halligan, “Inbound Marketing […]

The marketing wheel – purchasing as experimentation

by Jiyan • November 4, 2012

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the marketing process in the past year.  Trying to convince small contracting businesses with small budgets to hand over their credit card, will do that to someone. More recently, I’ve been looking more carefully at the marketing ASP space and trying to fit the pieces together. […]

How much is spent on marketing each year, in the US?

by Jiyan • November 2, 2012

After digging around for a while to find some reasonable estimates of this number, I used a few data sources to come up with what I think are some reasonable estimates. First, I used US Census data (2007) to establish the number of businesses in the US, along with total revenue, plotted on the following […]