Why the remodeling industry needs to be remodeled

by Jiyan • April 29, 2013

The remodeling industry is pretty big.  Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies estimates that aggregate annual expenditures on residential improvements and repairs is around $275B. It also has a pretty maligned reputation.  According to the Consumer Federation of America, the remodeling industry receives the third most complaints after the auto and credit industries. There are […]

How to think about online marketplaces

by Jiyan • April 15, 2013

We’ve been speaking with investors over the past several weeks.  Most will contextualize BuildZoom as an online marketplace, which makes sense. What gets tricky is that “online marketplace” comes with certain associations and assumptions, based on existing online marketplaces.  Online marketplaces are differentiated by several variables: Commodity type Some online marketplaces deal in physical products […]

In some online markets, monopolies are created through UX

by Jiyan • April 14, 2013

Several months back, I was fortunate to hear a lecture from Peter Thiel on creating a monopoly. According to Thiel, a company must have some combination of these variables to own a market: Brand Scale cost advantages Network effects Proprietary technology Great companies like Apple, have all of these things.  According to Thiel (chronicled by […]

Virtual Bazaars

by Jiyan • October 8, 2012

Driving out of downtown LA was a bit of a pain in the ass this morning. Between CicLAvia and the Fashion District bazaar, it was complete chaos.  In DC, I might have turned up my iPod and reminded myself to breath slowly but still being somewhat new to LA, I was able to distract myself with what […]

The Echo Chamber in a market crisis

by Jiyan • October 14, 2008

Brian Solis has authored an op/ed aimed at redefining “how startups (not solely tech companies) view and define early adopters and the ‘echo chamber’ in order to gain momentum in order to ‘cross the chasm’ to the next tier of evolution, adoption, and monetization.” Reading through the article I couldn’t help but reflect on the […]