How BuildZoom data can inform real estate investment decisions

by jiyanwei • February 13, 2018

My family owns an SFR in a really incredible neighborhood of Bethesda, MD, built in the early 50s. We’ve been trying to determine whether to renovate or rebuild. There have been a lot of rebuilds taking place in the neighborhood over the past decade or so and to get a better sense for the ROI […]

How financial publishers reconcile news with public company profiles

by Jiyan • October 19, 2012

This is a pretty esoteric subject but I’ll try to contextualize to make it a bit more interesting. In the financial publishing business, it’s a common practice to create profile pages for publicly traded companies so investors can easily get all the information they need at a glance.   The profile pages are populated with a […]

Why fox and o’reilly aren’t the most trusted news sources

by Jiyan • August 23, 2012

A recent poll from Boston’s Suffolk University has been receiving a lot of press over the past few months.  According to Paul Bedard from US News, “Fox News Channel and mouthy Bill O’Reilly, is now the most trusted source – by a mile.”   Bedard referenced a national poll conducted by Suffolk University, which explored a […]

Semantic search

by jiyanwei • July 17, 2012

Originally published in Search Engine Watch (July 2012) Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal shed light on Google’s plans to add depth to the search experience –foreshadowing the arrival of the Knowledge Graph. According to Amit Singhal, a top Google search executive, the goal is to make the search experience comparable to, “how humans […]

Google, Big Data & what it means for SEO

by jiyanwei • May 8, 2012

Originally published on Search Engine Watch (May 2012) In Google’s recent earnings call, the question was posed, “If you think of the future of Internet search 3 or 4 years out, how important will the social signal be and how important (will) personalization be?” CEO Larry Page responded by explaining how he might search for […]